Meet Jessica

As a brick & mortar studio owner for nearly 20 years, I am passionate about stepping up and standing out to lead the industry community towards growth and evolution.  To fill a void where there has been one for way too long.  To assemble the stakeholders and make changes that positively impact the industry we all serve.    

I’ve hired, fired, certified, expanded, negotiated, renovated, been accused, been broken into, lost it all to a tornado, rebuilt, lost it all to a fire, rebuilt. Purchased a gym. Uncovered management embezzlement. Purchased a competitor.  Sold a gym. Merged studios……and alas, covid. 

I can laugh at all of this now (ok, maybe not ALL of it).  There is little doubt I learned about my own strength and resiliency in each of these instances, but it also put a big spotlight on how much we need to know as business owners.

This community is born from these experiences and the need for a beacon of leadership in the industry. 

All The Tools You Need To Offer A Successful Teacher Training Program 

Evolve Your Teaching is more than just a teacher-training program.  It's built to be an launchpad for greatness in teachers, and leadership for the host studios and teacher trainers. 
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